AINA BJÖRKMAN born early 1900.

In this HOUSE Aina was born and here she lived ALL of here LIFE 

Aina was the one that had to stay at home and care for her elderly parents and a Brother , who stayed on the farm to handel the animals.          And even though Aina never had a family of her own people say she loved children.

She knitted small dolls and other things she gave the Children that visited. And she stood on the porch waving to Children passing by.

The house had no central heating or running water. There were only woodstove and tilestoves to keep the warmth.The water had to be carried twice, once inside and once out again,when used.

The privy was on the yard next to the pigsty.          If you needed a bath you had to heat water in the brewhouse and fill a tub placed inside the brewhouse .

Cows, horses, pigs, chickens and cats also had to be managed. Even thoug her brother took care of many things on the farm, he also had a family to attend in the nearby village. So Every saturday morning he left the farm and did not come back until sunday evening. Aina then had the total responsibillaty for Everything.

Household, parents and farm. It must have been hard. Sadly we never met Aina ,only Heard about her. A friendly and warm woman, so to honor her we now Place her name on the map.

We are more than certain  She would have managed the B&B without any problems.