This is our "own" Little oas in the World. Today peacful and calm but alas During a long time a victim of hard and bloody battles between Danish and Swedish kings.

You can participate in a  guided tour and hear all about this historical events, during the summer.

Of course you can explore this former medival Town all by your self.         You can stroll along the main road, Storgatan ,down to the Church and the harbour.The fishing boats are long gone .Today we only see leisure boats . Or you can take the even smaller roads and be enchanted of the houses and gardens along the walk.

You will find Cafès  and restaurants, fitting-shops, foodstore and more in and around the center. 

You also have two swimming/bathing areas in Kristianopel. If you Count the ladder from the pier you have one more Place from were you can swim.

The summer is lively and quite vibrant the Winter time is peacful and tranquil.

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